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A Strangled Tonic With Ice


You’re the best thing that I’ve found
Though don’t want people to see were around
We’ll disguise and walk through muddy fields

Toss the sand bags o’re and soar and feel complete

But I, I don’t want it.
Because with ‘you’ I feel I’m closing down

I live in a world exclusive
Hand in hand night and daily
Will you be gone soon?

Even though you’ve sold your soul and tainted love bones to the point of feeling someone new
I don’t like the way you suck and slurp upon my tortured soul
Because all it does is make me cry.

Oh look at me, I’m in between these dreams
Come and hang out with me while I’m floating downstream

Now here I’m sailing down that golden mile
I’ll grab what branches I can hold, but
You’re the one that hurts my eyes. I’m blinded. Can’t been seen until were melting

Are you the final life behind?
I’m looking out for you, nothing I can do, until I get a belly of you