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All The Great Ones Are Cracked


‘As far as I can see is that the sun, moon and stars will all go out. Darkness is lovely and more tempered to me’

Wonder where you go
Sliding through hot snow
Where are you, who are you now friend or foe?

Cut up your feelings
Mix and match and convene
Vanity burning sideways, it’s all part of the scene

Down here the dying will reap what they sow
Up here the silence a deafening blow. On death row

Unctuous leanings
Stand up and fall
Damaged in all the venues, would not happen to all

Round here the sullen won’t hear anymore
Down here the rats try to even the score, what a bore

It’s strangely bright on Sunday
Scattered showers for Monday
I am locked out and resigned
Ooh can you find
Ooh in my mind
The key that opens a hidden cloakroom I left behind...

In here the faceless are turning away
Features and vision slowly turn to grey, what a day

All the Great Ones Are Cracked