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Can I Come With You?


And so the ending is coming down
It’s a forlorn empty sound

As the nightingale sings for free, it captures me, in its uncertainty

If there’s nothing more to say
Let’s board for the Milky Way

Because we’ll be, what we will be
Just tune into the dreams of me and you
Don’t let me tell you
To open up the door and the past life will leave
It’s coming back to me
So let me stay here
Don’t tell me that it’s wrong and there’s nothing left to see
Because I Just won’t believe

A crescendo is calming down
In a mixture of sight and sound

There is one thing you can guarantee, some will please and some will tease

It’s a crying alarming shame
To wake up feeling sane

And so we’ll see, what we want to see
We’ll find a way to say what we wanna say
I think I’ll lay here and find that dreams are wrong and the key of foresight is real, destroying all we feel
So let me leave here
I’ve done it all before I’ve opened many doors could not have asked for more
Can I come with you?
Because I’m finding I was wrong on the path that I believed
Come on please take me

I can’t say now
Exactly what I wanted to say
I can’t  stay now or it will never ever go away
You can’t stay now, but your never gonna go away
Your never gonna go away