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Got To Be Seen To Be Believed


I have to mention you’re pictured in magazines
And all they can say, is ‘there the best we’ve ever seen’
But I don’t say you’re no good, find another way
All they can do is to abuse and confuse

Just a little bit more and I’ll be
The man immortal man for all to see
It’s a shame because we know it ain’t right, ain’t got no life
But in this crown, hides a snake
Got an evil eye, you know it can break
There’s a game of the same called love

They might raise you, but I’ll never let you down
Is it true they say you won’t be coming round?
How much time can one man ever have to make
Let me tell you now you just can’t, just can’t wait

How long will it be?
Got To Be Seen To Be Believed