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I Know What I Know


And I look and I find,
In the backroom of my mind
That the key to it all
Just turns round and around

And I know what I want
And I’ll keep on keeping on
Cos the past as it seems
Can be seen to redeem           

Sometimes you will find that I’m here today, then I’m away
But time and again I’ll always stay

And I stand then I crawl
And I feel no good at all                                                                                                  
I look back and in front
I’m a cunt, I’m an awkward bastard

I feel insincere and I hear through stubborn ears
And I know it’s a fact,
I’ve just cracked.
I’ve just jacked

Sometimes you’ll find that I’m here today but then I’m away
Then I’ll always lean on you and say….

And I know why I’m here
And some people find that queer
And this man with a plan
Will conceive, then concede

But I know, I see, I feel, I know what I know

And I won’t sign my life away