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Inevitable Superstar


With your ear to the ground
When you’ve spent your last pound
And you’ve just sold your soul for a film-part
That could turn you to gold
And don’t you see it’s a pity, ever gratious nitty-gritty
When the phone call received
Is gonna stop the clock and make you bleed

But I’m gonna fly, high and touch the sky
Gonna try, until I get it right

But all they do is waste your time
Put another poor kid on the line
They say ‘Your dreaming foolish dreams’
But I won’t believe, cos I’m going far
Inevitable Superstar

Your working for a pittance
Got the drive of a dead ant
And the college is no-go if your mum and dad have got no dough.
Don’t stick two-fingers up at me,
Cos I don’t want to hear, the brown tongued arse-licking excuse, ‘Yes sir’
It’s verbal diahorrea

Don’t need you to fly, high to touch the sky
Gonna try until I get it right

Ain’t it funny, we go round and round
They tell you not to do it, they are so fucking charmed
Don’t lay in bed, just sign on the line
I’m dreaming of Lorraine I met on Saturday night
Looking around for piece of mind,
I’ve run out of fags so I’m raiding the ash-tray
I’m down, but going far
Inevitable Superstar

I’m gonna fly
Up to the sky
Gonna try
Until I get it right.
You give me no reason, your still all the same as you smile at me as I die in my pouring rain.
Don’t turn up your nose when you don’t know who I am
I’m the one that’s gonna do it and you’d better understand
Better understand, Better understand