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Lace Your Life Not Just Your Shoes


Everybody’s got to face it
Were all washed up, strung out and hung in the rain
And if you’re feeling kind of lazy
Well turn off the sun, light up and start all over again
We will live to see the day then throw it all away

Rip the leaves from the trees in your foul mouthed breeze
Still you just couldn’t take it
We are all alone,
Nobody’s gonna be home

But I’ll still be your valentine
Everything will be just fine so sublime
We can spend all day hear frolicking around

No fun in the sun if you just couldn’t run, if you just could leave here
Idle life has begun and your day has just come undone
Now everybody’s gonna feel it too
Will anybody see it through?
You’re all out of time, with nothing to do

And I find clouded memories in my mind
That I can’t trace now, nor can I face now

You’re out of time