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Some People Just Get All The Breaks


What will become of you and I? Will we survive or will we arrive?
And will you tell me who I am, why I began and why it’s not going to plan

You’ve always been so far away and you know it gets me down; I am face down in the ground
But all you’ve got to do, is deliver me through

Some people just get all the breaks though I’m not like all the fakes who goad you when you’re down
Just expect it with a frown, get out on the town, and get there in the end

Cross the t’s and dot the I’s, too be recognised would be a nice surprise
It’s just what keeps us going on; just that one song and we’ll be where we belong
I’ve always got to be with you and you know that I’m a fool, act the fool, to be cool.
All you got to be is as lucky as me

Some people just get all the breaks; do they even make mistakes? It’s hard to comprehend
That big wide world is on the take, makes you feel your second rate, but you’ll get there in the end

My misguided friend, can you break a trend and not condescend
It’s all a name game, fame game, blame game; I’ll flip that fag end at you


Erase the writings on the wall, were designed to fall
Indulge all with our spoils
And when this land is pulverised, behind these eyes, we will begin to realise

That these depths we trawl are none at all comparing rations from the graves of the brave of the slaves
The elite don’t fall for free all they do is spit on me

Some people just get all the breaks but the work they undertake is to heed and not forsake
So let be shake you by the hand, slowly understand how you got there in the end