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Tainted Lone Driver


‘Here lies one whose name will remain and will reap
A feast of fanciful, convivial reprieves’
A living, breathing, regaling engraving, it reads before your eyes
The dead are your salvation their lights always burning bright

All that we do
All we decide
All that we say, reveal or hide
Don’t run don’t let your dreams subside

Elegies on stones so cracked no weeds ever brushed away
The raven stands alone while a sniper points your way
Tales of self destruction the ones we secretly all adore
Sleep’s for the dead, that life of yours is such a bore

All that we need
All we believe
All that we fear of what’s in store
Who knows what lies on through the doors?

There’s a tainted lone driver in the dead of the night for you

How long, How far and which bar will serve us right
Where does the time go? Alarm bell rings in delight
No hundred thousand dawns will ever be the same
And with every epitaph we hope it’s not in vein

All that we say
All that we hear
And with each year that passes by
We inscribe a poignant lullaby

There a tainted lone driver in the dead of the night for you