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This Goodness Burns Too Bright


With just one look at you
No other actions were observed
A vision from a childhood dream
Do we really get what we deserve?

With your smooth skinned bump n grind my love
You sent those shivers to my knees
Because the Czech girls are the best in
The world for company

Had been trying to find you every moment every day
Looking inside you I see the chances I have to take
Here we are in scenes from the songs of yesterday
And if you look into my eyes I’ll hope you find
A place to hide away and live just for today

I wanna be your honey, wanna be your honey, I’ll take your money too

We’ll share all our love and feel as one
And you’ll tell me how your life has been
Then I’ll tell you what I’ve got in mind
For my child of the M16

I’ll spend the money to get us promoted to a life that you can please
Then you bleed me dry and spit in my eye
But I still love your company, love your company, love your company

Our worlds a sea and we’re reaching the end through the tide
The dead wood has come to rest but the words on the sand that survive the test
Still say that ‘I will meet you on our common ground’
Every minute, every hour of every day
Please don’t hide your face away..