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When Nobody's There


Look for the one who is lost in your heart and be ready
Ain’t no one sure, with your eyes on the floor, that you’re very, unsteady

Alone, as the day starts to slide
The colours come into his eyes
No answers, but questions
Pass by, in disguise, no surprise then, when nobody's there

The Newspaper’s wet from the tears that he’s wept, don’t take it lightly
This Limelight is shining alarming alone and it’s blinding, so frightening

Alone in the backroom of time
He finds Cohen’s words so sublime
As sure as he speaks them, he greets them and feeds them then needs them
When nobody’s there

In treasuring words left behind
In painting a picture so fine
Inciting, Igniting, Inspiring
Then firing and riling when nobody’s there

How could I ever let you go?

Alone, but his eyes start to shine
The image of you in his mind
The emperor looks so divine
In your clothes that he’s wearing when nobody's there

Come here, go there
Watch how you hide
Behind the glass, there’s no disguise
The minute you focus your blur, it’ll worsen the moment you find nobodys' there

He waits for the curtain to fall
The stormy waves stem that close call
He falls in the sea cause there’s your love to drown in or frown in, and nobody’s there