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Why On Earth?


Wipe the slate clean with the words that you’ve seen
You won’t know he’s been till you try
Long roads till we make up our minds
But he’ll never be seen till he dies

I found out from memories of friends
That the way to be seen is goodbye
To cry now is a way to be strong
But the feeling will fade with a sigh

Tell me…Why

Sat in the dark as the light shines apart
As the traces of dawn rise so bleak
Somebody’s fear that the image isn’t clear
So they search for the answers they seek

With hands on the wheel, the stereos surreal
The sweet feeling lingers on
A pity it seems when you’ve harbored a dream
Don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone

So why
Why? Why?

Why on earth don’t we find the time and give a hand to the one standing alone, so give me the phone

So now were back in the rhyme and finding the time
Acclaiming a passing away
I’ve been there since the very first day
But that’s what they always say

If only you had been at the scene
And not in your chosen dream
You find out in time and I’m sure you will find
You wish you been there and seen